Porsche Servicing

Why Choose Sports & Classic

From an oil and filter change to a complete overhaul the Sports and Classic service team can accommodate all of your service requirements.

We offer complimentary Mercedes Benz courtesy cars and every car serviced receives a wash and interior clean.

We use Mobil engine and gearbox oils as approved by Porsche and only ever use genuine Porsche supplied oil filters.

We use the latest in diagnostic equipment to allow control unit interrogation and online programming / coding, we can also re-set service interval warnings on the most modern Porsche cars.

Our workshop is fully equipped allowing us to deal with all your Porsche servicing and maintenance work

  • Dunlop Tyre bay with lever less tyre fitting machine – Fully digital tyre balancer
  • 4 Vehicle lifts
  • Hunter wheel alignment setup
  • Latest diagnostic equipment, including PPN access for online programming and key coding
  • Digital bore-scope camera for checking 996/997 engine cylinder liners
  • Air-conditioning service (Both R134 and R1234YF gas)
  • Separate engine and Gearbox overhaul workshop
  • Smoke-Pro smoke machine for checking air leaks on engines and much more
  • Combined Porsche workshop experience of almost 40 years
  • Engineering facilities carried out on-site - broken bolts extracted and repaired using the best possible repair solutions available on the market

If you have any questions, please give us a call on 01625 860826

We only use approved Mobil engine and gearbox lubricants along with genuine oil filters | All prices are subject to VAT and can change without prior notice, please ask when booking in

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We Do Things Differently To Others

What is involved in a Minor service at Sports and Classic ?

We carry out a very thorough check of all the mechanical systems on the car. (Brake systems, suspension systems, coolant  circuits are all visually checked)

We check the electrical control units with a specific Porsche diagnostic machine. All errors are recorded and then cleared. We will then advise if any further action is required.

We replace the engine oil and filter – we only used Genuine Porsche supplied oil filters and approved Mobil lubricants as specified by Porsche.

We inspect the engine oil filter for any fragments such as shards of metal , rubber or plastic. (This allows us to keep track if anything is breaking down inside the engine like bearings, o-rings failing in the lubrication circuit or plastic from the timing chain guide rails.

The pollen/dust filter is replaced.

A lights and functions test it carried out, we also top up the screen wash fluid and check the engine coolant level.

We road test the car and confirm that the components we visually inspected are actually working correctly.

Finally the oil level is set and a complimentary mini valet is carried out.

A Major service is pretty much the same as above with the addition of extra service items like spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters and auxiliary drive belts.

***996/986/997/987 Porsche models get the under tray removed along the passenger cill to allow a proper inspection of the brake lines as these are becoming very corroded as the cars are getting older ***