Porsche Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI)

Please note that whilst every effort will be made to inspect a vehicle, the inspection report is not a warranty nor a guarantee that the vehicle will not breakdown in the future. We inspect vehicles for both trade and private customers, we will need the vehicle brought to our workshops in Cheshire

What is Involved in a Sports and Classic Inspection?

We have a very comprehensive check list of items we check which is more comprehensive than a Porsche main dealer 111 point check over, but in brief it comprises the following

A visual check of the paintwork for damage and signs of a previous repair, we check as much as possible of the body underneath the carpets and trim panels for damage, repairs and corrosion.

A full lights, level and functions check is carried out.

Where possible on newer models the vehicle's electrical control units are checked using the Porsche diagnostic machine and error codes are stored/printed for further examination, if the information is available we can even check the vehicles mileage and chassis numbers which are stored in the memory of certain control units. We will give you a print out of the over rev range figures which is a good indication of how the car has been treated in the past, also very important if you are thinking of getting a Porsche warranty in the near future.

We check all the suspension, brakes and steering components for wear/play and corrosion.

Visual inspection of engine, gearbox, differentials, coolant pipes, radiators and brake pipes for leaks/damage and corrosion.

Road test of the vehicle (subject to owners permission).

Full HPI check of vehicle.

Prices start from £240 plus VAT. We feel this is a small price to pay for peace of mind and knowing your new investment is a sound one.

Additional Inspection Services

For Cayenne, 996/997, Boxster and Cayman models we strongly recommend an internal bore scope check with digital camera to check condition of cylinder liners. This will allow us to check if any cylinders have got coolant leaking into them through a head gasket breach or cracks in the cylinder head/liner, it also allows us to have a good close up view of the cylinder wall for any marks or damage. The cost of this service starts from £135.00 plus VAT on top of our inspection fee.

For air-cooled 911 models we would strongly recommend a cylinder leakage check which will allow us to check the condition of piston rings, valve sealing and head gasket sealing rings. The cost starts from £135.00 plus VAT on top of our inspection fee.

Please note we need the vehicle bringing to us for inspection as we no longer inspect cars off site