Sports and Classic like to keep as much of what we do in house. We have got to a point where only the best will do and feel engineering companies can no longer meet our high standards so this is why last year we invested heavily into a fully re-furbished Bridgeport milling machine.

To compliment the milling machine we also have a Colchester Master centre lathe and a variety of TIG/MIG welding plants.

We use both Heli-Coil and Time-Sert inserts and have purpose made jigs for accurate drilling on the car for things like brake caliper retaining bolts when they are seized into the hub carriers on 996/997/986/987 models. We also have a portable Spark Eroder Machine.

We can now offer the following services at our workshop

Cylinder head skimming on both water and air cooled models

Valve guide replacement on all models

        Brake caliper bleed valves drilled out and repaired

Exhaust gasket sealing faces re-machined like new

Exhaust hanger bracket repairs to 996/997 models