Parts Installed:

All new parts carry a 12 month/12000 mile warranty whichever occurs first from the date of our sales invoice.

The Guarantee does not extend to the original parts inside the gearbox being re-used. This includes all gears/shift sleeves/shafts/bushes/bearings/forks/detents and casings developing faults/failure in the future.

We will be as thorough as we can with inspecting the parts once cleaned but as they are original to the gearbox they may be susceptible to future failure and as such we cannot warrant these parts.



Faults caused by track or racing events, incorrect fitting (if not fitted by Sports and Classic), neglect /abuse are not covered by our warranty.

For gearboxes which we haven’t installed, at the time of fitting we must be notified of the clutch condition and flywheel  deflection figure in mm, vehicle mileage, and extra information for 996/986/997/987 models we also require the number of operating hours and any over-revs recorded in the DME. Failure to do so may affect the success of a claim.

The gearbox MUST be filled with MOBIL PTX 75w90 fully synthetic gearbox oil unless otherwise instructed in writing by us. (Proof of this will be required if a claim is to be successful)

We will only consider a claim if we are contacted prior to any investigation work is carried out.

We will require the car complete to be returned to us at the cost of the owner/garage until the cause of the fault is identified by us. Once we have established the cause of the failure the owner/garage is free to inspect the results and this work will be carried out without charge by us only if it was our responsibility, if not a charge to rectify the fault not caused by us will be charged at our standard rate. We do not cover the charges levied by any other parties.

We do not cover costs in returning or delivering vehicles to and from us even in the event of a successful claim.

For a claim to be valid the fault must be caused by a guaranteed part or our defective workmanship rather than a guaranteed part being damaged by the failure of a non-guaranteed component or other mechanical issue with the car.  

In the event of a noise which isn’t affecting the function or reliability of the gearbox, our decision if subsequent action is required will be final.