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Milltek Sports Exhaust system supplied and fitted

£ 1999-00 + vat

Why choose a performance exhaust from Milltek Sport?

Milltek Sports performance exhausts have a genuine performance edge.  There are noticable power gains, sounds that are truly awesome, styled looks that are aggressive but discrete and a feeling of true exhilaration.

Miltek Exhaust

Tubi Sports Exhaust

Tubi Sport


Tubi Sports Exhaust 996 Turbo/GT2 Supplied and fitted

£ 2400-00 + vat

Tubi Exhaust

993,996&997 Exhaust Modifications

We can modify the exhaust systems on 993,996&997 to sound like a sports exhaust at a fraction of the cost.


996&997 Exhaust Bypass Modification

From £ 299 + vat


993 Exhaust Bypass Modification

From £ 299-00 + vat


All replacement clamps,gaskets and securing fixings that are required will be an extra charge.