Samtrac GPS Tracking Device :

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Samtrac GPS Vehicle Tracking Device
Supplied and Fitted

£ 599-00 + vat

This vehicle tracking device is not merely a tracker, but a carefully planed mixture of both Alarm and tracking.  This device is suitable for any vehicle and has been created in an enclosed steel case, to protect it from the elements, and is powered by mains with a backup power supply.

The device allows for the following:

  • Arm and disarm the device by voice (mobile phone), by text message or by code.
  • Send a text message to your vehicle requesting its position.  You will receive a text back within seconds advising the    location of the vehicle, within metres, and its current speed, if travelling.
  • Microwave sensor - this detects internal movement and sends a free call and text to your mobile advising of the same.
  • Door, boot and bonnet sensors - these detect someone entering your vehicle and sends a free call and text to your mobile advising of the same.
  • Set a parameter for the vehicle.  If the vehicle travels outside of this area then it sends you a text message to advise of the same.


Samtrac GPS Security Device

Keyguard Security Remote :

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Keyguard Code Locking System

£ 140-00 + vat

With automotive crime on the up all the time this little device could save you from a lot of hassle and expense.

The only way modern cars can be stolen, without being transported, is by using the vehicle key. If you do not know the code then the vehicle will not start! So, if you have lost your keys then at least you know your car will still be there as who ever has the keys has not got the code to start the vehicle.

KeyGuard is an electronic module that integrates with the car's electrical system to prevent unauthorised use. It is controlled via an encrypted remote control keypad.

KeyGuard requires you to enter a 4-digit PIN number (like a bank card) before the car engine will start.

KeyGuard can be installed in almost any vehicle that has a 12 volt battery.

Comes complete with 2 key remotes as standard more can be ordered and coded onto system.

Keyguard Remote