Porsche DME Services

A brand new service offered by us and carried out in house.

Having thought about this for a number of years and having experienced on more than one occasion the over rev logging that was caused by an outside factor we have decided to offer this service on an individual basis. We have had a 996 turbo log over revs due to an in-secure crankshaft position sensor. When looking at actual values with the system tester it showed an engine revolution of 18000RPM/Min on road test. The over revs this logged were staggering. We have also had first hand experience of engine mapping that has altered the rev-range data and corrupted the operating hours counter. We have invested in EEPROM programming equipment and also invested a considerable amount of time into researching how these values are logged and stored. We can not only clear these if the engine is re-built but can actually alter these to any figure that we need to.

These are a few of the terms used above:

DME- This is the main ECU that controls the fuel and ignition for the engine.

Operating Hours Counter- This is a figure stored in the DME and is counting the actual hours that the engine has been run for. This is useful as it can help determine a cars actual mileage.

Rev-Range- There are various rev range counters set in the DME a typical 996/986 DME has two rev range bands one is the electronic limiter set to say 7500RPM which is allocated Rev Range 1 and after this is Rev Range 2 which could be set at 7600RPM this logs any engine revolution after the 7500RPM electronic limiter. If this logged Rev Range 2 figures this would be known as a mechanical over rev.

EEPROM- This is the electronic chip that stores these Rev Range figures and operating hours.

What else can we offer ?

We can extract the DME learning code and immobiliser code for 996/986 cars.

We can also alter the mileage of the DME to suit your car, this would be useful if your original DME was faulty and needed to be replaced we could program up a good condition used DME with all your original engine data and Rev Range figures as the other unit would have another cars history logged into the EEPROM. We can also re-program used immobiliser control units with your existing keys, this is very handy if you have had to replace your immobiliser unit due to water ingress, before it meant a new control unit and two new key head remote controls. Now we can program a used unit and transfer all your key data to the unit.

How does this service work ?

We can either have the car in our workshop and do it from start to finish or the actual DME can be sent into us via courier and we will sort this out with our custom made bench rigs, a full before and after printout will be supplied showing the alterations. We have experimented with trying to alter the data over the cars OBD (Diagnostic) port but this is not stable enough so we have to physically remove the DME and clip directly onto the EEPROM.

What does this type of work cost ?

If the unit is shipped into us we charge £350 plus VAT to adjust the rev range data on 996/986 and operating hours counter if required. On 997/987 models this would be £450 plus VAT. If we need to remove the DME then this would be an additional £65.00 plus VAT. (Additional charges for cars with roll cages apply)

This service is not to deceive or mask the history of a car or engine. We feel this is a useful tool that if used in the correct manner could help a number of Porsche owners.

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